When you employ a script-driven application on your site and all content that you make is stored in a database, your website hosting plan should include an adequate amount of database storage, to make certain that even if your site grows, you won't have any type of problems as a result of the shortage of storage space. PostgreSQL is a good example of a well-liked database control system that's used with a lot of scalable web applications and if you'd like to have improved performance and reliability for your site, it's more than likely that you will use this system. Considering this, you'll need a website hosting package that won't limit your online presence, particularly if you intend to manage multiple websites and each of them uses PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting

Our Linux shared hosting were designed with the idea to give you the option to pick the optimal characteristics depending on what sites you would like to host. If you do not need PostgreSQL databases, for instance, you can select a plan that does not come with this system by default. If you change your opinion at a later time or in case you want PostgreSQL from the start, you can always acquire one of the plans that come with PostgreSQL support. All the packages include a large amount of storage space dedicated to your databases, so even when your sites grow, you will not encounter any kind of problems, since some plans come even with unlimited space. For the entry-level plans, the PostgreSQL storage is upgraded with a few clicks in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.