UPSs and diesel generators are two backup systems which are kept by web hosting providers inside their data centers in the event that there are interruptions in the primary power source or the current is shaky and unable to maintain the proper running of the web servers based within the facility. UPS is short for Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible Power Source and it's a highly effective battery that works non-stop. It is connected to both the power network and the web servers constantly, so if the power stops, the UPS is already working, which helps prevent the web servers from going down even for a second. The diesel generator is definitely an engine that can provide the necessary power to keep the web servers up and running for a longer period of time. In the event of an outage, the UPS gives the required time for the diesel generator to start and then to take over until the main source is restored.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Shared Hosting

The 99.9% network and hosting server uptime warranty which we offer you is, in part, a result of the electrical power backup setup we have in every of the 3 data centers where we offer shared hosting plans - in Chicago (USA), in London (UK), and in Sydney (Australia). If you obtain a new account to build or move your Internet sites, it'll be set up on a progressive cloud platform which consists of a number of clusters handling your content. Every hosting server inside the specific cluster features its own efficient enterprise-class UPS to keep it functioning no matter what, until several electrical power generators boot up and supply the necessary power for the whole data center to remain operating for many hours. You will not notice anything even in case there is a disruption, since our backup units will power all of the devices and we will not have to limit the number of working servers or the network equipment which addresses the traffic to your Internet sites.